Keep Out of the Water...

What is this?

There certainly seems to be a lot of commotion in my vicinity as of late. There’s been an increased presence around my well, and while I appreciate the company, I’m terribly hungry. One of you wouldn’t happen to have something for me? Even the tiniest scrap would be much appreciated.

((What is with all the new followers, but nobody asks anything? D: I don’t bite… usually… The only reason I’ve been inactive is because nobody asks me anything, so really, drop me something! I accept magic!anons and anything unless I decide otherwise since I’m still a newb to this whole thing.))

Anonymous said: Wanna tell me why Daniel is afraid of ankles so much?

Honestly I’m none too sure myself. You humans are strange with your aversions and… perversions to your own anatomy. From what I’ve gathered by quietly observing, however, I could assume it has something to do with feeling rather flustered and unclean from looking at what must be considered a “dirty” part of the body. I could be terribly mistaken though, as like I said you humans are rather confusing beings.

As to my sluggishness

((I realize it’s been FOREVER between when questions were asked and my just answering them now. Lately though, I’ve had a pretty fixed schedule of sleep, work, eat, sleep. I don’t have the energy to get online much, let alone put on a second persona. This Water Lurker is NOT dead, just very, very sleepy.))

Anonymous said: How do you feel about Alexander?

While I did originally respect him whilst he had given me the proper respect in return, of late I’ve been rather agitated with his constant neglect.

Anonymous said: What do you even look like?

What, you mean to say that you can’t see me?

((I am currently working on a headcanon for this, if anybody has suggestions feel free to drop them in the ask box with a big HEADCANON prefix :D ))

danielofmayfair said: Why are you so hungry all the time?

I don’t know… It just might have to do with Alexander constantly neglecting to feed me, but that’s just a hunch.

((Woot, first question!))

How do I even…?

Okay, so… I got one of these tumblr thingies. I have yet to figure out how it works so excuse me while I flail around like a fish… er… water lurker… out of water.